Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Caleb & I celebrated our first New Year's an and engaged couple in Gatlinburg, Tennessee with some friends. We stayed 4 nights and had lots of fun!

This is a picture of us while we were there! :)

When we got back we both had to go back to work and I had to go back to school. We have been very busy, which means we havent done hardly any planning! :( I did start a wedding planning binder for me to keep ideas that I find that interest me in. We haven't set a date yet, but our goal is to have one set by the end of this month. We will see. We have, however, narrowed it down to five dates to chose from! lol! Also, we have five locations picked out to chose from.
On January 16, my mom, my Aunt Lindsey, Caleb's mom(Tammy), and I went to the Bridal Show in Birmingham, Alabama. It was lots of fun and I got a few ideas there. I set up two appointments to go look at and try on dresses during spring break. One at David's Bridal and one at Alfred Angelo, both located in Birmingham. I am really looking forward to that!
Also, my mom and I are going to an open house at a venue in Springville, Alabama called Mountainview Gardens and Ballroom as a possible location for the wedding. It is this Sunday and I am excited about that as well. I think that about wraps it up, for the month of January! :)


It was a typical Friday night, we had no big plans for the evening and I told Caleb I wanted to make us calazones for supper. He said sure, but he told me he wanted me to come make them at his house and that we were going to go to one of his friends lake houses to hang out for a little while after we ate, since we had nothing else to do. I told him that was fine and I headed to his house to cook our meal. We ate, then headed to the lake house. We hung out with some of  our friends for about an hour before heading back to his house. When we returned, I went on inside and Caleb said he had to grab something out of his truck(little did I know he was getting the ring!) I got my stuff I had brought to make calazones and was heading back out the door as he was walking in. He asked me where I was going and I told him it was getting late and that I was going on home. He was like ok, well let me walk you to your car. We walked to my car and I got in while he stood outside my driver's side door. It was freezinggg, and I turned to cut my heat on high. When I turned back around, he was taking a small black box out of a small white box and grinning ear to ear! All I could say is "Are you serious?" lol! He opened the black box up and pulled the ring out and said "What do you think about it?" Tears started flowing as I told him how much I loved it and that it was perfect!!
 I hugged him for what seemed like forever and his next words were "Well, I guess I'm supposed to say will you marry me now?" hahaha! Bless him he was soo nervous, but it was so cute and so him! He had told his mom when he got the ring he didnt know when he was going to do it, just whenever he felt the time was right, so on December 17, 2010 at around 11:15p.m. I guess he felt the time was right! :)

I was so suprised and of course I said yes!! We went inside and told his mom and step-dad, then went to my house and told my parents and my sister. We didnt tell everyone else until the next day since it was late, but everyone was so excited!
We are also very excited as well!!

 Pic of the ring in case anyone hasn't seen it! :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

At First..

For those of you who dont know, Caleb moved to Cherokee County High School in the 9th grade. From the first day he moved to Centre, I definitely had a "crush" lol! We talked, texted, flirted, & hung out alot right off the bat, but because of on-and-off relationships with other people we never actually "dated" for the first 2 years he was at Centre. We were just "friends" haha! About the middle of my junior year(his sophomore year), that started to change a little bit. We were both single at the time, & I was on a trip to Gatlinburg with my family for New Year's when Caleb starting texting me hinting around that he wanted to be more than friends. I was kind of unsure about this because Caleb didnt have the reputation of keeping a girlfriend for too long, and I had always told myself I would never date anyone younger than me. I didnt want to ruin our friendship over a two week "fling" so, decided it wasnt a good idea and I kept making up excuses and telling him we just needed to be friends. He kept promising me that he was serious about dating me and that he had wanted to for a long time. I kept brushing it off thinking "I'm sure this is what he tells every girl he wants to date." I started dating someone else the middle of January and it made Caleb mad and he quit talking to me for awhile. Me & the guy broke up the end of March, and one day at the beginning of April I was laying out by my pool & decided to text Caleb. I really didnt expect a response because I had really made him mad & I'm sure hurt his feelings, BUT I got one! :) YAY! From that day on we started hanging out like everyday. I realized that he really must have been serious about dating me, and on May 26, 2008 I decided to give it a chance! We have been together without any major break-ups since then! He is my best friend &I couldn't ask for more!

A Little Unsure..

Hey everyone! Ok, so I have been trying to decide if I really wanted/had time to create one of these "blog things." After thinking about it for a few days, I finally came to the conclusion that it would be a pretty good idea to help friends & family that I dont get to see or talk to much, keep up with what was going on with all the wedding plans and so forth! I plan to update this at least once a month (if not more) with any new decisions, changes, ideas, stuff going on, etc. all the way up to the "big day!" How exciting!! :) It's a dream come true!