Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wayyy behind!!

Wow! No post since June!!!! For those of you who care & actually read this I am really sorry. July, I was busy getting ready to start back to school and then in August I started back. Let's just say since then, I havent had time to do much of anything! School & studying have taken over my life. =/  BUT, I am doing really well (all A's so far! Yay!) and I'm really enjoying the Radiology field.

Trailor updates!
The inside is finished! :) Yay, yay, yay! And I have recently put up some fall decorations that are so cute! I love it!!! Caleb moved in at the beginning of August and I go over there almost everyday just to clean and check on things. I can't wait to move in! :) We still have to build our back porch, but hopefully we will be able to do that soon! Other than that and getting some grass planted, our project is complete! :) It's a great feeling knowing we will have somewhere nice to start our lives the day we get married! I will post some pictures soon!

Wedding Updates!
-I found Bridesmaids dresses & chose my Bridesmaids! :)
-I have engagement pictures SUNDAY & I am so, so excited about that!
-My bridal tea is scheduled for December 4, 2011! :)
-I have been working on music, but I'm having a little difficulty deciding on songs. Any suggestions for good wedding songs would be greatly appreciated!
-I have been looking at differnt invitations & I have to decide on something SOON!
-My guest list is almost ready & I need to start getting addresses.
-I meet with my venue & also my florist & caterer next Monday to make decisions on various different things.
-Caleb & I have been talking about possile honeymoon spots.
Thats about all I can think of right now. I have got to get busy, because I still have SO much to do!!! I only have a little over 4 months left, which in unbelieveable! I'm soo ready for it to be here! :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good news! =)

It's been awhile since I have posted, but I have been super busy! Our trailor is almost FINISHED and I am sooo excited! Since the last post here are some of the major things we have got done!
  • All the painting is finished! Thanks to my mom, future mother-in-law, and grandmother who all helped me tremendously!
  • My wonderful aunt & uncle layed tile for us in both of our our bathrooms & it looks great!! :)
  • Our front porch is built! Thanks to Caleb & his dad!
  • We finally have both water & power!
  • All of our blinds are hung! Thanks to Caleb's step-dad Tim!
  • All of our light fixtures(inside & out) have been replaced! Thanks to my dad, Tim, & J.B.
  • We replaced our kitchen sink! Thanks to Tim & also replaced our whole vanity in our guest bathroom!
  • We have replaced a few of our door knobs! Thanks to my mom & future mother-in-law! Also, we replaced all our our cabinet knobs in our kitchen & in our master bathroom!
These are some of the major things we have got accomplished, along with manyyyy other small things. My family & Caleb's family have been such a big help to us that we will never be able to re-pay them, and I can not express how thankful I am for all of them! We really couldnt have done it without them!! The only major things that we have left to do are putting our under pinning up, building our back porch, getting our carpet layed, and getting our furniture! Then, comes the fun part....DECORATING! I'm so excited about that! All the hard part is almost over! =)

I have decided to use black, silver, & different shades of pink for my colors! :) I have booked my photographer & videographer! Last week, my dress came in & I got to go pick it up & set up my alteration session! Yayy! I'm so excited about my dress! I love it! Also, while shopping with my mom a few days ago we found gifts for my bridesmaids! :) A few more things to check off my list!

I found out 2 weeks ago that I got accepted into the Radiology program at Gadsden State! Yay! This is a 2-year program and I will be starting it on August 22nd! =) I'm kinda nervous, but VERY excited! I really hope I enjoy it & have a good experience throughout the entire program! I'm eager to get started! :)

Well, there is my exciting news for the month! Hope everyone is having a great summer! :) :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wedding plan updates/Trailor progress!

Hello everyone! I just got back from a much needed beach trip with my grandparents & to decided to give yall an update on some things! Caleb & I attended a wedding this weekend for our close friends Josh & Kristin Stimpson! Caleb was actually in the wedding. It was absolutely beautiful! It definitely gave me wedding fever & an urge to get on the ball with planning mine! :)

We haven't got too far on wedding plans since I last updated BUT, it is NINE months from today! YAY! :) My goal is to have a photographer chosen & my guest list close to being finalized by the end of this month. By my little timeline I am trying to follow these are things that are supposed to be completed 8-9 months before the wedding! I also found some cute DIY favors in a bridal magazine earlier that I really like! I'm going to talk to my mom about those & try to estimate a price on how much it will be to make them. I still havent decided on colors for sure! If you have any suggestions, please comment!!

Update for the trailor: We got our septic tank put in a couple weeks ago thanks to Caleb & his dad! :) We plan on getting our water & hopefully power turned on by next week! We also have purchased our paint for the living room, kitchen, & hallways. It is just a neutral beige color. I plan to start painting as soon as our water & power are on. I have to decide on a color for our bedroom & bathrooms. I have found us a comforter that is brown, khaki, and a gold color. Any suggestions on a paint color to go with these colors? I cant wait for the trailor to be finished even though I'm not moving in it until February! =)

Update for school: I finished the spring semester with all A's! YAY! I turned in my application for the radiology program about 3 weeks ago, but I'm not sure as to when I will know if I got accepted. There is a mandatory meeting for all applicants on June 14th, so i hopefully I will know more then!

Hope everyone has had a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY! =)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Well yesterday marked the ten month mark until the wedding! Time is already flying by & I know the wedding will be here before we know it! Yay! =)
Today, we moved our trailor from Sand Rock to our land in Centre! I am SO excited!!!! I cant wait to start working on it! We are going to put new carpet in and re-paint the whole thing before we start moving things in, so we are going to be busy busy! I will post pics soon! :)
Also, this week is my last week of classes until finals, which are next week! I am anxious to get this semester over with, so I can focus on making more wedding plans & working on our trailor! I am taking the summer semester off with hopes that I will be accepted into the radiology program in the fall. I plan to turn my application in for that program next week, so say a little prayer for me please! :) I will update as soon as I find out whether or not I get accepted!
Caleb & I really appreciate everyone who has shown their love and support for us through everything!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Date set, venue booked, & dress bought!! =) Oh, & somewhere to live!

So, I said I was going to update this at least every month and I'm a little late this month, but Caleb & I have been very busy people the past few weeks! Here's and update:

The Monday of spring break (March 14th) I had appointments to go to Mountainview Gardens & Ballrooom to meet with them about possibly having th wedding there & with David's Bridal to try on dresses. I was excited to have my mom, Caleb's mom, my sister, & my aunt go with me! I really didnt think I was going to make any final decisions this day, but I was definitely wrong! After meeting with the people at MG&B I knew this was the place I wanted to get married at! Not only is the place absolutely gorgeous, but the people are so friendly and helpful and they also do EVERYTHING for you! They have their own caterers, florist, and cake ladies. This will take alot of stress off of me & my mom which is always a good thing! :) I do have to get my own photographer, but that wont be a big deal! So, after we booked the date with them, which is FEBRUARY 18th, 2012, we headed to David's Bridal! Everyone kept telling me as soon as I found "the dress" I would know it right when I put it on! I was like guys you dont know me! It took me months and tryin on 100 dresses just to decide on prom dresses every year! I thought I would be 10 times worse about wedding dresses! Wrong again! I went in there and tried on about 8 dresses before I tried "the one" on and I instantly knew that it was the one I wanted! With tears (of excitemnt I guess?) in my eyes I looked at my mom and said "I want this one!" It was very fun & exciting & I am so relieved to have that part out of the way! :)

The sunday before all of the excitement on Monday, after we ate for my aunts birthday, Caleb, some of my family, and I went to look at a trailor to possibly buy for us to start out in. We loved it & thought it would be a great starter home, so Tuesday we went to check on getting a loan so we could purchase it. We got the loan & purchased the trailor on the following Friday! I am so excited about this & to know were going to have somewhere to live as soon as were married. Caleb is just going to live in it until then. We are going to put the trailor on some of my parents land that is close to their house, and we plan to eventually build there in a few years. :) We started getting the land cleared off on Saturday so we can move the trailor in soon!

My dad & Caleb's step-dad trimming trees!

Getting the land cleared!

Caleb & I in the bulldozer!

My dad and Caleb's Dad burning the brush and stuff!

Both of our families were so helpful through all of this, and I know they are going to continue to be and I am SO SO thankful for that! We still got a few things to do before we get the trailor moved, but I'm hoping we can get it moved in a few weeks! :)

So as you can see we have A LOT going on! This month has been crazy, but we've got alot accomplished! I'm so ready to be done with this semester of school, because I am taking the summer semeseter off! Hopefully, we will be able to get the trailor fixed up and lots of weddings plans made during this time! That's what I'm hoping for! I still have to decide on colors & we have to decide on who all is going to be in it! Along with shower dates, our photographer, invitations, music, etc. It's overwhelming, but I'm really trying to enjoy every minute of it! :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trying to make some decisions..

Ok, this is where I need help from family & friends, so please, please, please, leave comments, suggestions, advice, and opinions!!!! :)

Sooooo, I THINK we have narrowed it down to 4 locations for the wedding.

1)Mountainview Gardens & Ballroom in Springville, Alabama--Mom, Tammy, & I went to this place Sunday to attend their open house & it is amazing! Its so pretty! The only thing is I dont know how many people would be willing to make the drive. It's 45-50 from Centre. Also, in the case of bad weather they move the wedding inside to the reception hall, which would be very packed and I'm not real crazy about that idea. But anyways, here are some pictures..

This is where we would get married! :)

This is the outside!

This is the reception area inside, and they also set up tables and chairs around the pool for the reception. Check out more pics on the website,

2)Chattokee Lodge in Gaylesville, Alabama--This place is also gorgeous, but again the wedding would HAVE to be outside. Here are some pictures of it...

the pavillon--you can either put chairs under here for the ceremony or the reception.

the front of the building, its a beautiful place.

chattokee lodge. Check out more pics on the website,

3)Rainbow Manor in Rainbow City, Alabama--This is a cute little chapel right outside of Gadsden. I'm pretty sure a wedding could be indoor or outdoor at this place. Here is a picture..

This is the only one I could get to upload, but if you go on the website there is a slide show of pictures!

4)My back yard, on the lake! Although my mom isnt crazy about this idea, it is an option. It will be ALOT of work and we would have to come up with a plan b in the case of bad weather, but I think it would be really pretty and might could save us some money????

Now, to talk about dates. We are not sure on an EXACT date yet, but we have narrowed it down to 3 different months. I know, thats a big range but hey, its better than nothing! The three months we have picked out are:
February-I like February because theres not alot of other thing going on to interfer with the "big day." But, I'm not sure how the weather will be, and if we choose to do an outdoor wedding this could be a problem. Also, everything outside is still dead in February, so an outdoor wedding wouldnt be as pretty as it would be in like May(which is another option). February is also the "month of love"..I like the color schemes of this month! If we do February the date will either be the 18th or the 25th, hoping for warmer weather by the end of the month! :)
May-Caleb and I started dating in May and my dream day would be to have it on the day that we started dating, May 26th! It even falls on a Saturday!!!!! BUT, because my sister is senior, that will be right around the time she graduates, so I cant do it on that day. BUMMER! Its ok though. May is a much warmer month, but I would still have to worry about rain & storms! There is alot going on in May, with graduation and summer approaching, but if we do it in May we have the dates May 5th, or May 12th picked out.
 Both of which have their downfalls, May 5th--cincd de mayo, May 12th--mothers day weekend. I dont know about having it on holidays???
June-It's warm and wouldnt have to worry much with storms, but its a big vacation month! Dont know how many people would show up? If we have it in June the date would be the 16th....All of these dates being in the year of 2012!

I would love to know what ANYONE thinks about the places or the dates, you're not going to hurt my feelings at all I just need some help deciding! Thanks! :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Caleb & I celebrated our first New Year's an and engaged couple in Gatlinburg, Tennessee with some friends. We stayed 4 nights and had lots of fun!

This is a picture of us while we were there! :)

When we got back we both had to go back to work and I had to go back to school. We have been very busy, which means we havent done hardly any planning! :( I did start a wedding planning binder for me to keep ideas that I find that interest me in. We haven't set a date yet, but our goal is to have one set by the end of this month. We will see. We have, however, narrowed it down to five dates to chose from! lol! Also, we have five locations picked out to chose from.
On January 16, my mom, my Aunt Lindsey, Caleb's mom(Tammy), and I went to the Bridal Show in Birmingham, Alabama. It was lots of fun and I got a few ideas there. I set up two appointments to go look at and try on dresses during spring break. One at David's Bridal and one at Alfred Angelo, both located in Birmingham. I am really looking forward to that!
Also, my mom and I are going to an open house at a venue in Springville, Alabama called Mountainview Gardens and Ballroom as a possible location for the wedding. It is this Sunday and I am excited about that as well. I think that about wraps it up, for the month of January! :)