Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wedding plan updates/Trailor progress!

Hello everyone! I just got back from a much needed beach trip with my grandparents & to decided to give yall an update on some things! Caleb & I attended a wedding this weekend for our close friends Josh & Kristin Stimpson! Caleb was actually in the wedding. It was absolutely beautiful! It definitely gave me wedding fever & an urge to get on the ball with planning mine! :)

We haven't got too far on wedding plans since I last updated BUT, it is NINE months from today! YAY! :) My goal is to have a photographer chosen & my guest list close to being finalized by the end of this month. By my little timeline I am trying to follow these are things that are supposed to be completed 8-9 months before the wedding! I also found some cute DIY favors in a bridal magazine earlier that I really like! I'm going to talk to my mom about those & try to estimate a price on how much it will be to make them. I still havent decided on colors for sure! If you have any suggestions, please comment!!

Update for the trailor: We got our septic tank put in a couple weeks ago thanks to Caleb & his dad! :) We plan on getting our water & hopefully power turned on by next week! We also have purchased our paint for the living room, kitchen, & hallways. It is just a neutral beige color. I plan to start painting as soon as our water & power are on. I have to decide on a color for our bedroom & bathrooms. I have found us a comforter that is brown, khaki, and a gold color. Any suggestions on a paint color to go with these colors? I cant wait for the trailor to be finished even though I'm not moving in it until February! =)

Update for school: I finished the spring semester with all A's! YAY! I turned in my application for the radiology program about 3 weeks ago, but I'm not sure as to when I will know if I got accepted. There is a mandatory meeting for all applicants on June 14th, so i hopefully I will know more then!

Hope everyone has had a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY! =)