Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trying to make some decisions..

Ok, this is where I need help from family & friends, so please, please, please, leave comments, suggestions, advice, and opinions!!!! :)

Sooooo, I THINK we have narrowed it down to 4 locations for the wedding.

1)Mountainview Gardens & Ballroom in Springville, Alabama--Mom, Tammy, & I went to this place Sunday to attend their open house & it is amazing! Its so pretty! The only thing is I dont know how many people would be willing to make the drive. It's 45-50 from Centre. Also, in the case of bad weather they move the wedding inside to the reception hall, which would be very packed and I'm not real crazy about that idea. But anyways, here are some pictures..

This is where we would get married! :)

This is the outside!

This is the reception area inside, and they also set up tables and chairs around the pool for the reception. Check out more pics on the website, http://www.mountainviewgardensandballroom.com/

2)Chattokee Lodge in Gaylesville, Alabama--This place is also gorgeous, but again the wedding would HAVE to be outside. Here are some pictures of it...

the pavillon--you can either put chairs under here for the ceremony or the reception.

the front of the building, its a beautiful place.

chattokee lodge. Check out more pics on the website, http://www.chattokeelodge.com/Pages/MediaDetail.asp?PhotoCategoryID=36

3)Rainbow Manor in Rainbow City, Alabama--This is a cute little chapel right outside of Gadsden. I'm pretty sure a wedding could be indoor or outdoor at this place. Here is a picture..

This is the only one I could get to upload, but if you go on the website there is a slide show of pictures! http://www.rainbowmanorchapel.com/

4)My back yard, on the lake! Although my mom isnt crazy about this idea, it is an option. It will be ALOT of work and we would have to come up with a plan b in the case of bad weather, but I think it would be really pretty and might could save us some money????

Now, to talk about dates. We are not sure on an EXACT date yet, but we have narrowed it down to 3 different months. I know, thats a big range but hey, its better than nothing! The three months we have picked out are:
February-I like February because theres not alot of other thing going on to interfer with the "big day." But, I'm not sure how the weather will be, and if we choose to do an outdoor wedding this could be a problem. Also, everything outside is still dead in February, so an outdoor wedding wouldnt be as pretty as it would be in like May(which is another option). February is also the "month of love"..I like the color schemes of this month! If we do February the date will either be the 18th or the 25th, hoping for warmer weather by the end of the month! :)
May-Caleb and I started dating in May and my dream day would be to have it on the day that we started dating, May 26th! It even falls on a Saturday!!!!! BUT, because my sister is senior, that will be right around the time she graduates, so I cant do it on that day. BUMMER! Its ok though. May is a much warmer month, but I would still have to worry about rain & storms! There is alot going on in May, with graduation and summer approaching, but if we do it in May we have the dates May 5th, or May 12th picked out.
 Both of which have their downfalls, May 5th--cincd de mayo, May 12th--mothers day weekend. I dont know about having it on holidays???
June-It's warm and wouldnt have to worry much with storms, but its a big vacation month! Dont know how many people would show up? If we have it in June the date would be the 16th....All of these dates being in the year of 2012!

I would love to know what ANYONE thinks about the places or the dates, you're not going to hurt my feelings at all I just need some help deciding! Thanks! :)