Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Well yesterday marked the ten month mark until the wedding! Time is already flying by & I know the wedding will be here before we know it! Yay! =)
Today, we moved our trailor from Sand Rock to our land in Centre! I am SO excited!!!! I cant wait to start working on it! We are going to put new carpet in and re-paint the whole thing before we start moving things in, so we are going to be busy busy! I will post pics soon! :)
Also, this week is my last week of classes until finals, which are next week! I am anxious to get this semester over with, so I can focus on making more wedding plans & working on our trailor! I am taking the summer semester off with hopes that I will be accepted into the radiology program in the fall. I plan to turn my application in for that program next week, so say a little prayer for me please! :) I will update as soon as I find out whether or not I get accepted!
Caleb & I really appreciate everyone who has shown their love and support for us through everything!